Prostate Tumor Symptom

What is Prostate Tumor Symptom?

Usually, for early of tumor prostate has no symptom. Prostate cancer is often slow-growing. When the tumor grows, it may press on and irritate the urethra, or cause a partial blockage to the flow of urine. Symptoms may then develop and can include one or more of the following:

    • Dribbling

A bit more urine may trickle out and stain at underpants soon after finish at the toilet.

    • Frequency

people will frequently go to the toilet because of urination. During urination people will feel pain.

    • Hesitancy

Many among those diagnosed with prostate tumor will feel hesitant to come out of the toilet. They will wait a while before urine flows.

    • Poor stream

At this time the flow of urine is weak and it takes a long time to empty the bladder for incontinence.

    • Urgency

Normal patient would rush to the bathroom because if not slow urine flow in the pants. Urine will come out is a small quantity. It cannot be controlled if felt like urinating.



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